About Us

The Okanagan College Alumni Association (OCAA) is a non-profit charity and separate legal entity from Okanagan College. All graduates of Okanagan College and predecessor institutions (i.e. Okanagan University College) are members of OCAA. As members of this proud and prestigious association, alumni qualify to receive many valuable benefits and services

The Association is led by a board of directors that is comprised of dedicated volunteers who give their time to ensure that their fellow alumni have opportunities to connect and engage with each other and their alma mater. 

There are five key directions guiding the OCAA’s purpose:

1. Provide bursaries, awards, and scholarships
2. Provide opportunities for alumni to connect with fellow alumni and their community
3. Engage past, present, and future alumni to give back to Okanagan College with their time, talent and treasure
4. Provide alumni with benefits and services of value
5. Celebrate and recognize success

Our Vision Statement:  Empowering your future

Our Mission Statement: Celebrating alumni by creating connections and opportunities

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