The Alumni Association has invested funds to help support Okanagan College students with the financial burden of pursuing post-secondary education.  The Alumni Association Citizenship Award provides one or more bursaries to students who meet the following criteria:

(a) the recipient must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident;

(b) the recipient must be an alumnus or the son or daughter of an alumnus of Okanagan College or OUC;

(c) the recipient will be enrolled in full-time study in their second year of any degree or diploma program and enrolled in full time study for the subsequent semester at any campus of Okanagan College;

(d) the recipient will demonstrate their social responsibility through volunteerism, campus engagement and/or commitment to community service;

(e) selection of the Award recipient will be based on a combination of academic achievement, financial need and community services with an emphasis on community service; and

(f) the recipient will be in good academic standing.

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You too can make a contribution to students at Okanagan College. There are many ways to give; if giving to student awards appeals to you, you can contribute to existing Alumni bursaries, or create your own.

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