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Are you an Okanagan College or OUC graduate and working in the Okanagan? Reconnect with us and tell us where you are and what you're up to! Through the Okanagan College Works employer site visits, we provide local businesses the opportunity to promote the number of Okanagan College/OUC graduates they employ, allowing them to illustrate their support of local residents who have chosen to pursue their careers in the region.

Okanagan College Works also gives employees who spent their post-secondary education years at Okanagan College/OUC a chance to share their stories about their time here, making deeper personal connections with their colleagues while strengthening their relationship with the college that helped them to develop the skills to make them successful in their chosen field. Okanagan College Works visits allow alumni to reflect and provide testimonials such as the following:

"I came to Okanagan College because of its reputation as a small institution that is big on delivering quality education. From my first day as a transfer student, everyone at Okanagan College supported me to make sure I reached my educational and career goals. The small class sizes made me feel comfortable and I was able to ask questions of my professors and benefited from their guidance and expertise. Okanagan College worked for me because my professors brought their industry experience into the classroom and gave me a more complete education that went well beyond the pages of a textbook."

- Nicole Parent, BBA 2007
One of more than 20 Okanagan College alumni working at MacKay Chartered Accountants in Kelowna

If you are an employer or employee in an Okanagan company that employs five or more Okanagan College and/or OUC alumni, you can set up your own Okanagan College Works visit! Please contact us for more information and to schedule an on-site visit today!

If you're an Okanagan College or OUC alumnus, check out our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.


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