Q: What does alumni/alumnus mean?

A: Alumnus is a person who has either graduated or completed a specific number of credits at Okanagan College. Alumni is the plural of alumnus.

Q: Who qualifies to be an Okanagan College alumnus?
A: Anyone who has graduated from a certificate, diploma or degree program or completed 30 or more credits from Okanagan College or OUC.

Q: Does it cost money or do I have to register?
No. As soon as you have completed your program or reached your minimum of 30 credits, you are automatically considered to be an alumnus.

Q: What does the Okanagan College Alumni Association do?
The Alumni Association provides benefits and services to alumni of Okanagan College and OUC such as insurance and discount programs, recognizes the successes of Okanagan College and OUC alumni through its Distinguished and Young Alumni awards, publishes newsletters to keep alumni current on College news, provides social opportunities for alumni to get together and raises funds for student bursaries, just to name a few things. For the full list of our benefits and services please visit our Benefits and Services page.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: You are automatically a member upon graduation. For those who have not graduated but have completed 30 or more credits and would like to be a member, you must contact the Alumni Office to register.

Q: How many members does the OCAA have?
A: There are:

  • Greater than 60,000 unique individuals who have received a certificate, diploma or degree from Okanagan College and/or its predecessors
  • 22,537 people who graduated from OUC between 1993 - 2005

Q: I graduated from OUC, am I still a member?
A: Absolutely! All graduates of Okanagan College and Okanagan University College are automatically members of the Okanagan College Alumni Association.

Q: I graduated from OUC, where do I go to get my academic transcript?
Okanagan College will continue to maintain OUC student records and provide OUC transcripts in perpetuity. If you would like to request a transcript you may fill out an OUC Transcript Request

Q: How can I get involved?
A: There are many opportunities throughout the year for alumni to volunteer. Contact the Alumni Association office to talk to someone about upcoming events that fit your calendar and interests.

Q: Can I get in touch with a former classmate?
A: In order to access the secure alumni directory, login to our online community - a secure section of our website that is accessible only to other Okanagan College alumni. You can also join us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we invite you to follow us and connect with your fellow alumni through our social media pages.

Q: Do you sell my personal information to third parties?
A: No. The OCAA adheres to Okanagan College’s privacy policy which is in line with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP).

If you have any questions that were not answered above please contact the alumni office.

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