The mentorship luncheon series is designed to bring employers and alumni together with students at the College.  Each event is employer or industry specific to target a particular segment of students. We have designed the mentorship events in an informal speed-dating format rather than a traditional career fair so that alumni industry representatives are able to meet with and engage students.

Industry representatives share their experiences and answer career-specific questions posed by students. This format encourages students to ask about potential career paths, industry expectations, current realities, job opportunities and pushes them to discover information they wouldn’t otherwise have known about a job and industry.

In post-event-surveys sent to student participants, an overwhelming majority found it beneficial or extremely beneficial to attend the mentorship lunches. Many students have pursued, and successfully attained, employment with our mentorship luncheon sponsors as a direct result of attending the mentorship events.

Want to join the mentorship conversation? Members of our online community have access to our discussion boards.

If you are interested in attending an Okanagan College Alumni Association Mentorship event as a student or creating a new event as an employer, please contact the alumni office.

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