Do you have a great idea that will benefit your fellow students on campus? But don’t have the money to make it happen?

Apply for a Micro Grant!

Whether it’s a bike repair station, a community piano, or some other great initiative that will benefit OC students, we’ve got the money if you’ve got the ideas!

Simply fill out the online application form - submission guidelines are below:
  1. Grants are open to ALL Okanagan College students, whether full time, part time, etc
  2. Grants are available at all four OC Campuses (Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Salmon Arm)
  3. The funding proposals will be reviewed twice per year in the Fall and Winter semesters with the following deadlines: September 30th and January 31st
  4. Maximum dollar amount per grant is $500
  5. Projects/events should be focused on creating a sense of belonging among students or support their academic goals
  6. Funding proposals will be evaluated based on the following:

a. Project objectives are clearly outlined and the proposal identifies how the initiative supports students
b. A detailed budget has been provided and clearly indicates how the funds will be used
c. The proposal identifies how the OCAA funding will be recognized
d. The proposal demonstrates that the initiative is both a good idea and supports a priority need

e. The proposal provides evidence that the initiative will be undertaken in collaboration with other stakeholders and that consideration for any impact on OC has been taken into account

Note: The OCAA Board reserves the right to withhold funding for initiatives that it deems misaligned with its mission, vision and/or values.

Questions about the Micro Grant program can be directed to

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