Alumni Stories

Okanagan College Works 

Aaron Martin

Nicole Parent

Ian Johnstone

"Okanagan College is not the only choice for a career in networking & telecommunications but it was my first choice." Aaron thoroughly enjoyed his educational and post-school employment experience.

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"I came to Okanagan College because of its reputation as a small institution that is big on delivering quality education."Nicole is big on her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

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"Completing my first year of sciences at Okanagan College was a perfect stepping-stone for me to fulfill my goal of becoming a pharmacist."Ian took university transfer courses in 1989 and still remembers his Physics prof.

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Candice Walters

Serge Seminutin

Jeff Vogt

"Okanagan College worked for me because it offered the program I wanted in my community."Candice completed her Applied Business Technology program in 2007. Today, she's working at the Salmon Arm Golf Club.

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"I prefer to hire Okanagan College graduates because I like to hire locally and I know that the College’s program prepares graduates with sufficient technical knowledge that meets our needs at tekmar."Serge is also an Okanagan College alumni (1984).

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"When Okanagan College began offering the electrical pre-apprenticeship program in 2002, I left a different institution to take my training closer to home."Jeff is one of dozens of people at Krueger Electrical who can trace their trades training to Okanagan College.

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