After months of planning and preparation, the Alumni Association is proud to share its Strategic Plan. 

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Okanagan College Alumni Association
Strategic Plan - 2019 to 2021


Empowering your future.




Celebrating alumni by creating connections and opportunities.


Key Directions

Building and sustaining strong relationships with alumni members

Alumni will benefit from the supports provided by the Alumni Association.

  • Engage in co-creating the benefits, programs and services members value most.
  • Have access to the most effective methods to build interactive communications.
  • Provide ways for alumni to connect with their fellow members.
  • Develop ways to celebrate and recognize alumni success.


Collaborating with Okanagan College Foundation

OCAA communications and events will provide many opportunities for alumni to engage with their association and with the Okanagan College Foundation (OCF).

  • Develop and act on an agreement with OCF to provide donation opportunities.
  • Collaborate on the annual OCF operating plan to build and enhance member donations.

Strengthening relationships within Okanagan College

Each part of Okanagan College connects with students who will become alumni, and every part of the College enhances the alumni experience.

  • Collaborate with faculty, instructors, academic and support departments to encourage students to become engaged alumni.
  • Seek opportunities to participate in College events that attract and serve alumni.


Providing sound and accountable governance

The board and its committees will manage an efficient and accountable Alumni Association.

  • Enhance the board’s function to support the key directions of the strategic plan.
  • Develop a recruitment, development, retention and succession plan for the board and its committees. 
  • Continue to research, evaluate and act on feedback from alumni about OCAA programs and Services.
  • Synchronize the development of the Alumni Association strategic plan with the Okanagan College Foundation and the College's strategic plan. 

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