Troy Berg
Manager, Information Technology – Doak Shirreff LLP
Faculty, Network and Telecommunications Engineering Department, Okanagan College Kelowna
Network Engineering Technology Program Graduate, 2011

As the pace of the world increases, so too does the pace of business. Staying connected is key. Staying ahead of the curve? Even more so.  Enter Troy Berg, a graduate of Okanagan College’s Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology (NTEN) program in 2011. As Manager of Information Technology for Doak Shirreff LLP in Kelowna, Berg is a master of the technology that helps his firm run efficiently and securely.

Born in Alberta, Berg moved to the Okanagan when he was 10 years old. Berg has a background in business and management. He began his career in the insurance industry as a commercial insurance broker and risk manager, then moved into teaching and consulting in different areas of management, marketing, and business administration. In 2009 he seized an opportunity to go back to school to chart a new career course in the fast-paced world of IT.

“As an IT professional, I consider myself an advocate for and translator of ways business managers can take advantage of technological opportunities,” he says. “IT can be confusing to those who are not familiar with it. Our job is to use our knowledge every day to offer creative and proactive solutions to improve productivity, workflow, security, and profitability.”

At Doak Sherriff, Berg manages all aspects of network and IT infrastructure administration, including server configuration and group policy management, data backup, security management, user account control, file management, e-mail systems, corporate intranet, user training, as well as office systems and applications support.  As he puts it, “In business, IT is a strategic management tool. It allows businesses to be faster, better, and more creative. It can be a true differentiator against the competition.”

Berg credits the NTEN program for providing hands-on, current and directly-applicable training that helped him launch his IT career.  The professors have their fingers on the pulse of changes happening in IT and the tech sector,” he notes.  He points out that entering the College as a mature student was a great way to peruse a passion for problem solving.

“It was a chance for me to expand my love for an industry that I was already interested in. I had a desire to learn more,” says Berg. “IT professionals are problem solvers by nature. They are presented with an issue – that is, something doesn’t work or it needs to work better – and then are tasked with fixing it. There is always a fresh challenge.”

His advice for students considering a career in IT?  “Don’t limit yourself. Stay open-minded and don’t worry about choosing a career path too early. The path I chose was not the path I visualized for myself when I started the program, and that was mainly because throughout the program I discovered dozens of fascinating career paths I had never considered before.”

Berg has since had an opportunity to return to OC as part of the faculty in the NTEN department, and he now teaches courses in the program from which he graduated.  “I love every second of it. Teaching in the program is a tremendous opportunity to pass on my passion for IT and hopefully make a difference in the lives of people who sit in the same chairs I once sat in. Enrolling in the NTEN program was one of the best life decisions I ever made.”

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