Student Awards

Bursaries are student awards with criteria based on various selection criteria, such as community involvement, affiliation with a community group, being a single parent and/or financial need.

Scholarships are student awards based on academic achievement.  Scholarship recipients are selected by the academic programs based on grade point average.

Prizes are usually one-time gifts given in recognition of academic excellence or service in a particular program or area, and are not based on financial need. The prize may be given in the form of books, special equipment, such as tools, or money. The value typically ranges from $100 to $500 and may be given out at graduation or some other department-based event. Like other donations, these are eligible for charitable receipts.

Endowed Awards - A donor or group of donors can donate capital to a fund to be invested as a perpetual (permanently held) endowment. The income earned from the fund will be used to provide an award according to the terms and criteria identified by the donor and in keeping with the Foundation Endowment Management Policy. 

It is the Foundation's policy that the preservation of capital is based on the annual distribution of earnings on the absolute or real rate of return on assets, over the long-term. Undistributed earnings are added to the endowment and, along with capital growth, maintain the real value of the principal gift.

Each year, the Foundation Board evaluates the rate of return and sets the disbursement rate. Endowments established in the name of an individual, group, or business start with a minimum capital contribution of $20,000. Donors often choose to endow new awards at levels that substantially exceed the minimum, recognizing the significant costs students must face annually for tuition fees, textbooks, and living expenses. You may initially establish an endowment at the minimum level and then add to it over time, ensuring that it increases to provide an ever-higher level of award support.

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