The Alumni Association provides several benefits and services to students as well as alumni (or graduates in laymen's terms).  We know that in many cases, students need just as much help, if not more so, than our alumni so we have developed some great services available for current students. 

Financial Awards
The Alumni Association has established the Okanagan College Alumni Citizenship Award which profiles a bursary for students who demonstrate social responsibility through volunteerism, campus engagement and/or commitment to community service.

You can find out more about, or apply for the Alumni Citizenship Award and many others via myOkanagan.

Micro Grants
In order to support student engagement, the OCAA has created a micro grant funding program. Students from any campus who are organizing programs or events can apply for funding of up $500 two times per year. 

To get more information about the micro grant program click here or  email us

College to Career Workshops
In collaboration with the Student, Graduate and Co-op Employment office, we co-host a series of free workshops during the winter semester that are specifically designed to help prepare students for their job search. 

Workshops include resume review, mock interviews, how to network like the best of them and more. 

Trivia Night!
The Are you smarter than....trivia night is becoming one of the most popular alumni events we host each year. Team of students, faculty and alumni compete for trivia dominance all in support of Enactus-OC.  There is great food, cold drinks and great prizes to be won so be sure to look for notice of the event, which is held in Kelowna every March.

Mentorship Events
In order to create opportunities to pair our students with employers, we designed our mentorship events to be fun, speed-dating-style lunch meetings. These events give students the opportunity to ask employers questions to help them decide whether their company and/or industry is the right fit. 

It also serves as a way for employers to pre-screen potential employees.  We've had students hired directly as a result of attending these events so it's a great way to get noticed!

For more information about any of the services available to students, don't hesitate to email us.

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