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Michael Blonde

Bachelor of Business Administration, 2009


Not only was he recently promoted to Global Director, Enterprise Growth Strategy at Hoostsuite Media Inc. but he’s been traveling around the world to get the job done.   “What is Hootsuite?” you ask...well, it’s a social relationship platform (SRP) that helps organizations turn messages into meaningful relationships.  We recently sat down with Michael to find out what life is like working at Hootsuite.  Click here to read the interview.


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Cynthia Hernandez Garcia

Bachelor of Business Administration, 2008

Spend time working in student services and you’ll quickly see how student success can hinge on receipt of a scholarship or bursary.Cynthia Hernandez Garcia made that discovery while an auxiliary employee booking appointments for students in need of financial support for everything from books to groceries.
Read More.

 Jesse Herperger

Commercial Aviation, 2009

Growing up, Jesse Herperger was always interested in becoming a pilot. At 15 he was given the controls to an airplane while up in the air with a family friend and, “I was hooked,” he says. “I knew I wanted to fly for a living.” Read More

Sid Ruhland

Business Administration Diploma, 2008

This alumnus turned a passion shared by many college students into a successful business venture with his own beer brewery in the South Okanagan. He is living the dream of many former students and remains connected to the College community. Read More

 Nicole Ripley

 Nicole Ripley

Associate of Arts, 2007

As children, many of us imagine what we’ll be when we grow up – an astronaut, a rocket scientist, a wrestler – but few of those stick.  As a volunteer for a peer support program in middle school, Nicole knew that she would be a counsellor one day and didn’t waver from her goal.  After receiving her Master’s of Counselling degree from the University of Notre Dame in Australia, Nicole found herself in India and Nepal helping those who need it most.  It was an eye opening experience that will stay with her forever.  Read more about Nicole’s story here.


Sarah Comba

Business Administration Diploma, 2007

While volunteering with the Gospel Mission as a student, Sarah Comba witnessed a truly selfless act of kindness that changed her perspective on giving forever. Read More




Tanya Garratt

Culinary Arts, 2004

Don’t bring in Pinterest boards or Martha Stewart books to your consultation if you want Tanya Garratt to be inspired when creating your wedding cake.  “Copying another baker’s work is a big faux pas,” says Tanya. Read More.



Cory Barker

University Transfer Program, Sciences, 2001

This Salmon Arm student entered Okanagan College straight out of high school, and engineered for himself a great career. Read More
Sareena Sharma Nickoli Sareena Nickoli

Bachelor of Business Administration, 2001

“We don’t sell, we help you buy.”  That’s a slogan that you may have heard Sareena Sharma Nickoli say on television or radio ads.  Sareena didn’t grow up dreaming of joining the family business - she actually started school to become a pharmacist...surprised? Read More

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